Success Story of “Silas”

Dr. Davis,

I picked up Silas’ new glasses last night, and am SO grateful that Silas was evaluated by you! I feel so incredibly blessed and so very happy for my son to be finally experiencing the world as it should be. I wanted to share some of the things he’s said since wearing his glasses- because his words just bless me so much! I hope it brings a smile to your face as well. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for Silas!


“I can see just one thing at a time now”

“I can’t see my nose anymore. I always saw it before and it was really kind of frustrating.”

“All the people and things I look at are sticking out at me now.”

“I can keep my eyes open longer and don’t have to blink all the time.”

“Mom, there’s a huge bump on the road!”

“I can see the ground go up and down.”

“My eyes feel happy.”


Thank you again for what you’ve done for Silas.





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