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Dr. Tod Davis is a licensed developmental optometrist, specializing in the treatment of children and adults for a wide variety of vision disorders. He is concerned with those specific vision disorders which are a result of eye coordination and brain interpretation issues.

With over 30 years of clinical experience in vision therapy, Dr. Davis is a trusted developmental optometrist with offices in Gainesville, Fredericksburg, Springfield and Winchester. Call today for more information.

  • INFO PCODs Referrals James Thimmons
    On the heels of the nice article in Refractive Eyecare by Dr. Krall referenced below, comes a similar take-home message for primary care ODs to keep binocular vision problems on their radar screen. read more…
  • INFO PCODs Referrals Paul Freeman JAOA 71
    It is a curiosity to me how clinicians sometimes go about referring patients. There are some obvious reasons to consider referrals, such as an intraocular pressure of 50 mmHg with a cup-to-disc ratio of 0.8 or a retinal hemorrhage in a patient with long-standing type 1 diabetes who is complaining about sudden vision loss. read more…
  • INFO OMD No clinical trials for strab sx Maino Recently a colleague of mine asked if I knew of any placebo controlled, double blind, prospective and randomized strabismus surgery outcome clinical trials (RCT). Are there one or more clinical trials that note the efficacy of strabismus surgery? This is an important question to ask for several reasons. read more…
  • INFO AOA Position statement on VT The American Optometric Association affirms its long-standing position that optometric vision therapy is effective in the treatment of physiological, neuromuscular and perceptual dysfunctions of the vision system. read more…


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