Sports Vision Training


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What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports Vision Training works on improving the visual abilities of an athlete that are most necessary for excellence in their sport. Some of these abilities include eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, and peripheral vision. All activities are done on a sport specific basis with a custom tailored program for each sport and athlete. Therefore, a program for a tennis player will emphasize eye-hand coordination and dynamic visual acuity whereas a program for a golfer will concentrate on visual alignment and depth perception to see the breaks in the greens.

Many athletes are amazed at how we can predict their performance based on our findings from a visual screening. If you are having trouble getting to the next level in your particular sport even after stepping up your practice, you might have a visual problem limiting your success.

Ready for the Game?

  • Ball drills, batting practice, fielding practice, serving practice, etc.: Check.
  • Scrimmages: Check.
  • Interval training: Check.
  • Weight training: Check.

4What about Sports Vision Training?
Doctors at Virginia Vision Therapy Center understand the importance of healthy vision when it comes to maximizing your performance on the field or on the court. However, even if you have 20/20 or better visual acuity, there is still more that you can do to get the extra edge you need on the field. Sports vision training, a modified, high-powered form of vision therapy, can improve your visual abilities and take you from good to great as an athlete.

Think about it: You train your muscles with weights in order to make them stronger to improve your dominance on the field or on the court, and you run miles upon miles to keep you going stronger for longer in the game. Why not train your eyes so you can better keep your eye on the ball, or so that you are more aware of where your team and the opposing team are on the field or on the court?

Virginia Vision Therapy Center, an experienced vision therapy provider, also provides the opportunity for you to receive the intensive vision training that will give you an edge against your competition. With over 35 years of experience, we have helped people with their vision disorders. The same tools which help develop hand-eye coordination in those with vision disorders can be used to take your hand-eye coordination to the next level as an athlete.

Whether you are a baseball player looking to pick out a fastball from a slider, a quarterback trying to avoid the pass rush, or a goalie wanting to be able to tell an inswinger from an outswinger, powerful vision may be your best asset, and vision training with Virginia Vision Therapy Center is your secret weapon. After an initial screening to determine your current skills, we will develop a program which emphasizes the vision aspects most critical to your sport and your position. Some, or all, of the following aspects of vision could be trained as part of a sports vision training program with Virginia Vision Therapy Center:

  • Dynamic Visual Acuity– For picking out the rotation of a fastball as it comes towards the plate.
  • Eye Tracking – Keep your eye on the ball!
  • Saccades– Being able to quickly shift your focus from the ball to the defenders downfield, or from the catcher to the first baseman for a pick off attempt.
  • Peripheral Awareness– To dodge the outside linebacker bearing down on you while you’re focusing on your receivers.
  • Depth Perception– To catch a fly ball, or time a swing of a tennis racket.
  • Hand-Eye or Body-Eye Coordination– To do it all with the confidence of a pro!

If you’re ready to dominate in your sport, but feel as though you are at a performance plateau, sports vision training may be exactly what you need to get to the next level. Call us today to schedule your vision screening and get started towards excellence! We have four convenient office locations in Manassas, Winchester, Fredericksburg & Springfield.


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