Success Story

My son spent most of his early education years struggling for unknown reasons. He was bright, seemed to grasp concepts and was always found to not need intervention when it was applied, but his grades still suffered. He was agitated and confrontational when it came to school work. He took his frustrations out on his brother.

One night, a pamphlet fell in my lap that outlined many of his issues and suggested vision therapy. I found Virginia Vision Therapy and called for a visit. The initial appointment seemed very unconventional, but revealed many answers to questions we had for so many years. We even found residual reflexes he had never outgrown between being a preemie and compensating for his vision issues. I left that day in tears knowing we’d finally found help.

The cost was intimidating, but we had invested a similar cost for braces that improved his smile. This investment was the best we’d ever made.. my child immediately responded positively knowing there was a reason behind his struggles. The homework fights lessened, the grades slowly improved, and the agitation and frustration subsided. We didn’t realize until he received his glasses that he had no depth perception and he couldn’t believe how high the curb was leaving the office! He never saw any other way, and we never realized how he was seeing.

Nine months later, I am so thankful we found Dr Davis and his associates. There is peace in my home and my son has the tools to help him succeed. I would highly recommend vision therapy to those struggling with similar issues. Thank you!!


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