She brought Mary to Dr. Davis for an evaluation because her eyes were fatigued, they would stop tracking, and due to her slow reading. Mrs. B. was skeptical at first due to the cost, but also hopeful. She herself had issues growing up and didn’t want Mary experiencing the same thing so they started her in vision therapy in May 2011. By June, Mary was keeping her room tidy whereas before you could not find the floor of her room. It was literally chaos, but now it bothers her for things to be out of order.

The 9th grade reading list selected by her teacher would have brought her to tears before. Now she plowed through the books in three weeks in August and comprehended what she had read. Getting Mary to read is no longer a tug-of-war; no more crying spells or feeling over-whelmed.

Mary is so much happier that her eyes are now “working”. She can sit and do her homework and doesn’t need help. She has more confidence and is not as clumsy. Not only have the parents seen the changes and progress, but so has Mary. Mary enjoyed her sessions, the therapists were fun to work with, and they always treated Mary with great dignity and provided encouragement. Mrs. B is so grateful and pleased with the outcome of Mary’s vision therapy – “I cannot say thank you enough for all the wonderful changes you’ve helped Mary to achieve. You are all such a kind, caring group of people and we are blessed to have been patients here.” And in Mary’s words, “You and your wonderful staff have been such great friends and awesome teachers. Thanks to you I can now read, do homework quickly and easily without a fit. Thank you sooo much.”


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