My son Elliot has worn glasses since 1st grade. Every six months, we would go to the Ophthalmologist because Elliot failed another eye exam at school. He often complained that he could sometimes see the board, but other times it was all a blur. His school grades were good, but his performance was inconsistent. Sometimes he would come home and get all his homework done quickly and other times his homework took hours, often we would just send him to bed without it complete. He was very frustrated and often ended up sleeping over his books.

We were at Tae Kwon Do and another VT mom asked me if I had considered Vision Therapy for Elliot. Both of her sons had worked with Dr. Davis and had amazing results. Initially we were skeptical, but after 30 minutes Dr. Davis accurately described Elliot based on the eye exam. He had a clear understanding of Elliot’s difficulties with anxiety, focus, reading, and comprehension.

Since starting VT a year and a half ago, Elliot has only had his glasses prescription changed once and that was at our request, not because he failed an eye exam. His work habits have become more predictable and he has started reading for fun. The entire Vision Therapy experience was completely positive for our family. Elliot developed a great working relationship with the Vision Therapy staff and it was something he looked forward to every week. His confidence increased greatly and our son began to finally come out of his shell both at school and at church.

We are very thankful that we found Dr. Davis at the start of middle school. We believe Elliot now has the tools he needs to succeed academically and socially.


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