Undetected vision disorders can rob many students of their rightful test scores, as they fight to keep words on the page that jump and dissolve before their very eyes. Almost one in five students has an undetected vision disorder that makes reading harder than it should be due to eye teaming problems.

Students with vision disorders might be apprehensive about reading tasks all the time, but when the calendar rolls around for the big test, the one that compares them to everyone else, the pressure is on, aggravating their symptoms even further.

If eye teaming is not a struggle, or if processing errors add to the challenge, kids have difficulty tracking from line to line, as well as focusing on individual words and letters. They may complain of headaches and rub their eyes, giving that classic head tilt of confusion. Worse yet, the longer and harder they work, the more evasive the tasks become, further reducing their ability to do well in testing.

Many undetected vision problems have good solutions just waiting to be applied. Experts in vision therapy, like Dr. Tod Davis, are trained to diagnose and treat many of the disorders that inaccurately label students as lazy or not very smart. At Dr. Tod Davis Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy Services, we believe every child deserves to perform up to their potential. Scheduling an exam for a vision assessment can restore your child’s confidence in his or her abilities through a program of vision therapy designed just for them.


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