Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease in which elevated pressure within the eye damages the optic nerve. This can lead to serious vision loss if not detected and treated early. The optic nerve is the nerve that takes all of the information the eye sees and transmits that information to the brain. The elevated pressure is due to either an increase in the production, or a decrease in the drainage of fluid normally produced inside your eye. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in United States.

Unfortunately, glaucoma has almost no visual symptoms until it is very far advanced and vision is almost gone. Scheduling an eye exam with our office is the only way to determine if you have glaucoma.

The exact cause and mechanism of glaucoma is not yet known. For some reason, there is an overproduction of fluid and/or a decrease in fluid being drained from the eye. This results in fluid building up within your eye and increasing pressure on the optic nerve. This pressure can easily damage the nerve fibers and blood vessels in the optic nerve. An injury, infection or tumor in or around the eye can also cause the pressure to rise. These situations are referred to as secondary glaucoma because their cause is a result of something else.

If diagnosed at an early stage, eye drops and laser treatment can control glaucoma and little or no further vision loss should occur.

If you think you might be at risk for glaucoma or experiencing symptoms of it, there is help. Drs. Tod Davis and Amy Carlyle of Dr. Tod Davis Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy Services have more than 30 years of expertise helping people with deteriorated or low vision. Consider scheduling an appointment today to help prevent or treat the onset of this debilitating disease.


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