What is a Computer Vision Syndrome?

The modern job climate dictates an exceptional amount of computer use to complete daily tasks. As the reliance on computers regularly continues to rise, the number of visual problems rises right along with it. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) describes several vision issues directly related to prolonged time staring at a computer screen.

CVS Symptoms

  • Eyestrain & irritation
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry, red eyes
  • Neck and shoulder pain

CVS Symptom Causes:

  • Poor lighting
  • Glare on computer screen
  • Improper viewing distances
  • Poor seating posture
  • Uncorrected vision problems
  • A combination of multiple factors

How Does CVS Affect Vision?

The stress of repetitively looking at a computer screen, reading back and forth or even looking down at a paper and back up to type can cause CVS. These eye functions take quite a bit of effort from the eye muscles and are far more challenging than reading from a piece of paper. If you are already suffering from an eye issue such as astigmatism or nearsightedness it is likely that you are more susceptible to contracting Computer Vision Syndrome.

What Combats the Development Of CVS?

  • 20-20-20 Rule: Take a twenty second break every twenty minutes and focus on something in the office that is twenty feet away (or farther away if you can look out of a window) to give your eyes a break and reduce symptoms.
  • Decrease the glare reflected on your screen:Utilize a protective anti-glare screen cover and use dimmer switches, also position your screen perpendicular to windows. To reveal where the glare derives from turn off the screen and swivel until the glare disappears.
  • Keep a clean screen: dust and fingerprints reduce visual clarity.
  • Adjust contrast and color tones: match the brightness of the screen with the brightness of your office.
  • Position screen: keep the screen about 20 degrees below eye level at arm’s length from where you sit.
  • Don’t forget to blink: generally we blink 12 times per minute however when using a computer we blink only five times per minute which creates dry eyes. Use artificial tears and remember to blink frequently; consult an eye doctor before using eye drops to find the proper brand for your own ocular system.

How Do I Diagnose CVS?

Making an appointment at Virginia Vision Therapy Center is the best way to diagnose if you are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome.


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