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Vision Therapy: Who Benefits?

Vision therapy can be as individual as a fingerprint, with programs designed to address very specific sets of vision disorders displayed by an individual patient. Results of such individualized programs in large, significant studies, administered to a broad range of functional levels in patients with varying degrees of success, is both expensive and difficult to obtain, and therefore quite rare. Success stories, however, relating positive experiences from patients that have seen dramatic improvements, are plentiful. So, then, who does benefit from vision therapy?

The truth is, everyone. Vision therapy offers exercises for both home and office visits, for common vision disorders like crossed or lazy eyes, tracking or movement problems, depth perception and eye teaming, as well as near and far sightedness, and astigmatism. In addition, vision therapy can help with eyes stressed by spending long hours each day staring at computer screens. It can help active sports figures hone skills to shave seconds off of reaction times, sharpen hand to eye accuracy, and improve peripheral vision.

Vision therapy can provide struggling students with strategies to improve reading and learning skills, turning dreaded tasks into fun challenges. It can deliver ways to accommodate visual processing disorders to improve performance. Just as many types of exercises and activities can improve physical performance, vision therapy programs can provide the means to crank up vision performance several notches.

Dr. Tod Davis has been working with patients presenting a wide variety of vision disorders for over 35 years. His experience offers patients throughout the Northern Virginia region state of the art therapy programs and equipment designed to bring out the best possible visual performance for each patient. Scheduling a comprehensive exam with the staff at Dr. Tod Davis Developmental Ophthalmology and Vision Therapy Services could mean the difference between success and failure, in school, in sports, or in careers.


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