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Reversal Frequency: Minding Your P’s and Q’s

While the dyslexic brain processes things differently, with early detection and treatment, significant progress can be made with a combination of vision therapy strategies and intervention. Beginning treatment as early as possible will help keep patients at peer levels in academic achievement and keep self-esteem high. Older patients, however, should not be discouraged from seeking treatment, as progress can be made at any age.

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Vision Therapy is Not Just for the Eyes: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Treating Dyslexia

It is of the utmost importance, when a child exhibits signs of difficulty in reading and cognitive skills, as with dyslexia, to have a thorough evaluation done. Perfect 20/20 vision does not tell the whole story. Nor does a regular physical exam. It is only when the visual and neurological matrix is embraced as an interconnected whole, and all functions relating to visual performance are examined, that an appropriate plan for treatment and management can be derived.

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