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Convergence Insufficiency: Sharpen Skills with Vision Therapy

Both convergence insufficiency and convergence inability are vision disorders that can be treated with vision therapy. Normally developed as a child begins to crawl, the convergence distance changed and encouraged development of the skill every time he or she raised up and gazed around or looked down at the floor. Further development happened on the playground equipment, reaching for bars, ropes and stairs.

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Convergence Insufficiency - Viriginia Vision Therapy Center

Convergence Insufficiency Sufferers Still Ignored by Many Eye Doctors

Despite randomized controlled trials, or RCTs, which demonstrate the effectiveness of vision therapy for the treatment of convergence insufficiency, many eye doctors still fail to test for the disorder, even going so far as to dismiss the efficacy of vision therapy. The Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial (or CITT) conclusively demonstrates that convergence insufficiency is best treated by a combination of in-office vision therapy exercises and at-home reinforcement exercises.

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