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Amblyopia and Age: It Is Never Too Late

While it is easier for a young child to benefit from such therapy, a patient and dedicated older child or adult can gain much from the process, bumping up vision to read more quickly and with fewer symptoms of eyestrain such as headaches and blurred vision. Improving the way the eyes work together also restores binocular vision, an important factor in depth perception and coordination.

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Lazy Eye: Surgery or Therapy?

Treatment of amblyopia usually involves disabling the stronger eye in some way, either patching, drops, or a contact lens, forcing the weaker eye to gradually strengthen and learn to function. Sometimes, a program of disabling is coupled with surgery to physically correct a turned eye. While that presents a cosmetic solution to the problem, the weaker eye still has not been trained to work, and will likely continue to remain weak even though aesthetically normal.

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