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Vision development and movement: Infant to Toddler

Because infants are new to the world, it takes them a little for them while to adjust. Their eyes and vision are no exception. Sometimes a child’s vision does not fully develop and requires specialized glasses and vision therapy. Don’t worry if you have a newborn whose eyes look crossed and seem unable to focus,…

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What are Primitive Reflexes?

Primitive reflexes are automatic stereotypic movements directed from the brainstem and require no cortical involvement (thought). They are needed for survival and development in the womb and in the early months of life. However, as higher more sophisticated centers of the brain begin to mature, these primitive reflexes become a nuisance and must be abated…

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Success Story of “Luke”

Luke was diagnosed with a learning disability the summer after his first grade year. The fortunate part about Luke is his work ethic! School has not been easy for him, but he would give 110% in school. By the time he came home he was drained! Homework was a disaster. Luke is your typical middle…

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Ophthalmology Getting it Wrong

For decades Ophthalmology in general has resisted accepting Vision therapy as a viable treatment for vision related issues. Despite growing numbers of independent studies that support Vision Therapy. The following Vision Help Blog link will provide more recent evidence of this resistance.

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Signs and Causes of Vestibular Dysfunction

The Vestibular System is a major contributor to our sense of balance and spatial orientation. Vestibular sense provides information related to movement and head position, sort of an internal GPS. This “GPS” is important for development of balance, coordination, eye control, attention, being secure with movement and some aspects of language development. The vestibular system…

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How’s My Posture?

What could you do if you wished to take better care of your eye health and avoid potential vision problems that would harm your vision? Perhaps you would begin giving your eyes additional time to relax and avoiding intense vision jobs. Or maybe you would begin to eat foods that have favorable results on vision….

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What Are Prisms For?

Have you ever looked over the edge of a tall building or side of a steep mountain and felt a sudden change in your stability and posture? It can be a very exciting feeling or terrifying, depending on your nature. That sensation of change in posture and stability is similar to what many vision therapy…

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Is the World Spinning or Am I?

I can remember many days of my childhood spent hanging onto the handles of the neighborhood merry-go-round as it was spun into dizzying speeds by an adult. I was always fascinated by the resulting sensation that the world was spinning around me once I got off the whirling apparatus. What I know now is that…

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Eye Health and Exam Frequency

Eye Exam Frequency for School Age Children

When it comes to eye exams your regular eye doctor and pediatrician can guide you about how often you should return for a general checkup. However when dealing with a child’s developing vision it becomes more imperative to have frequent checkups with an optometrist or developmental optometrist if you believe your child is having difficulties…

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome

The modern job climate dictates an exceptional amount of computer use to complete daily tasks. As the reliance on computers regularly continues to rise, the number of visual problems rises right along with it. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) describes several vision issues directly related to prolonged time staring at a computer screen. CVS Symptoms Eyestrain…

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