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Free Vision Screening at our Winchester, VA office location

Our next Free Vision Screening is coming up and will be held at our Winchester, VA office location on January 30th. From 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Make sure to call us and schedule your FREE DEVELOPMENTAL VISION SCREENING today!

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Curing learning-related vision problems

Curing learning-related vision problems | Dr. Vicky Vandervort | TEDxLincoln This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Optometrist, Dr. Vicky Vandervort explains what it is like for a person to have eyes that work but do so inefficiently causing the person to exert extreme effort to see….

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Recommended Home Vision Training Equipment/Programs

Recommended Home Vision Training Equipment/Programs While many of these are recommended, only a few are required. Please consult your therapist for details.   Featured:                            Books:                                      Toys & Games:                          Other Recommendations:  …

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Vision-Friendly Holiday Gift List

Greetings! As long as jolly old Santa keeps coming back every year, we’ll keep producing our annual Vision-Friendly Holiday Gift List. This year the list includes 96 toys and games that promote visual skills such as hand-eye coordination, visualization, and space perception. Part of the tradition surrounding the Vision-Friendly Holiday Gift List is to feature…

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Study Tip

Study Tip: When reading for prolonged amounts of time, make sure to take breaks to rest your eyes. Whether you’re hitting the books like this furry feline, or staring at a computer screen all night, eyes become strained faster because you blink less often. Don’t tire yourself out when you don’t have to. Take breaks!

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vision challenge

Vision Challenge

Vision challenge! Close your eyes for a few seconds and then open them and quickly focus on something far away (about 10 feet). Now close your eyes again and try to focus on something really close. It should be easier to focus on the object that is far away because the ‘natural’ setting for your…

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Free Vision Screening

Our next Free Vision Screening is coming up and will be held At Our Gainesville Office location on December 5th. From 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Make sure to call us and schedule your FREE DEVELOPMENTAL VISION SCREENING today!

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The Horse and Rider That Was Me

The Horse and Rider That Was Me Vision and Horse Riding Dr. Todd Davis Developmental Optometrist Colleen Kelly and the International Society of Rider BiomechanicsDr. Tod R. Davis is a Developmental Optometrist from northern Virginia, who specializes in Vision Training of children and adults with a wide variety of vision problems ranging from developmental delays…

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Remarkable courage: Janet Stumbo shouldn’t be alive

Janet Stumbo shouldn’t be alive. Hers is a story of remarkable courage, tenacity and incredible determination against many odds. Blessed with a brilliant mind, she had travelled half way around the world from the United States to Australia in 1974 to pursue a career as a veterinarian. In 1984, she was working at her own…

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Grand Opening Of Our New Fredericksburg Office!

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